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Cash Discount

Our Cash Discount Program offers a way to recoup much of the cost associated with accepting credit cards, while offering a discount to consumers who choose to pay with cash.

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Tired of your hard-earned profits being

lost to credit card fees?

Did you know? Credit card processing companies continue to raise the cost of accepting credit cards to cover their cost of reward points, airline miles, and other incentives. That’s right, business owners like you pay for those customer card incentives when you pay credit card processing fees each month.


Motivate & Reward Customers

A cash discount program offers a discount to cash-paying customers, motivating and rewarding them to pay with cash.


Increase Cash Flow

Offering a cash discount will benefit your business by increasing the amount of cash payments and giving you faster access to a larger cash flow.


Lower Costs

A cash discount helps you recoup most of the cost associated with accepting credit cards, lowering your overall payment processing costs.

understanding cash discounting

What You Need To Know

A “cash discount” refers to an incentive that a merchant offers to a customer in return for them paying with cash or debit card

Legal & Compliant
Hassle-Free Setup
Simple Pricing
WIFI, Hot Spot, & IP Connectivity
Accepts all credit card types, EMV & NFC

Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to increase the price of all my products/services?

You are giving your customers a choice to
incur a fee (by paying with credit) or not to incur the fee (by paying with cash or debit).

Aren't customers going to be upset by the fee?

Studies show that implementing cash discount has no negative effect on your business, and in fact 99.2% of customers don’t even notice it.

Is it hard to setup a cash discount program?

Our terminals are easy to use, for both you and
your customer. We download, test and deploy your terminal, everything is simple and hassle free when you receive it.

How are my customers notified of the cash discount?

We provide free signage for your front door and point of sale.

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